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How to safely buy ban on Kraken

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The Kraken itself appeared at the end of 2022 - beginning of 2023. But what is interesting is not even the birth of the new site itself, but what influenced it. Previously, everyone knew about a site called Hydra Onion, ask anyone who bought anything on the darknet and everyone will answer that they know what they are talking about. The majority purchased goods on this resource. But apparently someone was very tired of this Hydra, since they were able to close it in mid-2022. Although they intended to do this for several years. There was a commotion on the darknet, as many of those who had always bought only on the three-headed site did not know which site to go to. Some people simply got used to this resource, others considered it to be top-notch, and the rest of the sites were not of very high quality. As a result, thousands of buyers were left hanging in the air without a clear understanding of what to do next. As a result, half a year later the KRAKEN ONION website was born and looking at this resource one might think that the owners of the kraken and the hydra are the same people, and most likely this is the case. After all, all the best from Hydra appeared on Kraken, and new features were added in terms of safety and ease of use. In general, a new KRAKEN appeared as an upgrade of the old Hydra. Since that time, almost everyone who was on the old three-headed hydra switched to Kraken, this is not surprising, because the site is really high-quality and has a huge range of services, products, and sellers.

What do you need to open your own store on KRAKEN?

In fact, the site is a platform where hundreds of sellers of illegal drugs from all over the CIS have gathered and you can also be among them. To do this, you will need to create a separate account, even if you already have an account from which you bought something, it’s all the same register a new one. Next, go to your personal account and select open a ticket. This is the connection with the administration. In the title of the request we enter “Application for opening a store on KRAKEN”, and in the description of the application we enter the desired name. Before entering a name, check that it is not among existing online stores. We wait until the application is processed and if the store opening is confirmed, a personal moderator will be assigned to you, he will help you in all complex issues.